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Nepal during COVID

by Christel Hendriks on May 28, 2020

5% extra of your purchase goes to families in Nepal

Jan 16th, 2021

From earthquake to COVID-19

April 2021, it will be six years ago that the terrible earthquake hit Nepal hard.
The earthquakes in 2015 killed more than 9,000 people, and more than 800,000 Nepalese have lost their homes. Now, five years later, you can still see the impact of this. Nepal borders India and China (Tibet) and is one of the least developed countries in the world. Education, health and sanitation are far from optimal. Nepal was therefore considered by the WHO to be one of the countries at highest risk for the COVID-19 pandemic, and also one of the least prepared countries for this pandemic.

Nepal is highly dependent on tourism, trade and other international supply chains. Many workers in Nepal did not receive any income during the lockdown. Luckily the lockdown ended September 2020, and slowly some work can be resumed. Tourism is a vital element of Nepal's economy, and unfortunately, this has come to a standstill. Since the start of Covid and the lockdown, poverty in Nepal has increased, and this is an increasing problem with, among other things, death from hunger.
There were around 270K cases in Nepal, with a registered number of deaths around 1.950. I wonder how many cases there truly are, and how many have not been identified due to lack of testing. COVID-19 is a global problem, but because of the previously existing challenges in Nepal, it affects the Nepalese people hard, and in a different way.

What can we do?

As a small entrepreneur, I try to support organizations in Nepal with MUNIMUNI by raising awareness and offering a platform. MUNIMUNI is not a company from which I earn my income. I can continue to do this work in Nepal because of my work as a Physiotherapist, with which I support the expenses and the purchases there. Unfortunately, this also means that I can only give from my side what is possible, which offers only help to some. I hope that, as soon as work in Nepal can be continued, I can offer support, by placing new orders.

5% (extra) of the purchase to Nepal

In these challenging months, I want to contribute what I can with my online store.
With any purchase, a large and fair share of each product that you buy from MUNIMUNI already goes to the organization or NGO (and therefore the women). In addition, I will transfer an extra 5% of every order placed, to Nepal in the next two months (at least). This money will be used for further relief supplies and distribution to people most in need there.


If you do not wish to buy a product, but would like to contribute in a way, to support different families in Nepal, you can also do this by donating any amount via this GoFundMe link. Every amount, large or small, helps the life of a family or several families in Nepal, to not experience hunger and get through this difficult time.
100% of this funding will go to Nepal, where it will be used for relief supplies, aid packages to distribute to the women and families who are most in need in Nepal.
One of the organizations who offer distribution is WSDO (Women Skill's Development Organization - read more about this organization here), which distributes relief supplies to the most deprived; singles, visually impaired, physically disabled and financially weakest.


Underneath you find photos of the first relief supplies given to women of WSDO and WOVEN

Do you have any questions or comments? Please feel free to send me an email!

Any help or donation, no matter how small,
will be deeply appreciated and is much needed
- Gabriela Forte

Written by Christel Hendriks


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